Monday, October 20, 2014

Mongolian Buffet at Mee Noodle Bar and Restaurant

For those of you who didn't know, I'm a proud foodie (that's why recently my post are about food reviews.) If I could switch places with Anthony Bourdain then I wouldv'e done so years back. All I ever wanted is to taste life's greatness, which includes food sampling. I'm a sucker in trying out new stuff but unfortunately I wasn't able to blog those new stuff these past months. But moving forward, I want to share this Mongolian eat-all-you-can buffet my boyfie and I tried last Wednesday at Mee Noodle Bar and Restaurant.

If I'm not mistaken, this restaurant is just fresh and is still making its way to the restaurant limelight. It is located at LeGrand Tower 1, Eastwood City. The place is quite not yet popular so it's struggling to get people's attention to come and try their dishes. So yes, thanks to their flyers, we learned about this place and set a date when we can try their mongolian buffet.

What can I say? It's super sulit! Of course they have their regular menu and I heard their noodles are delish. But we're not there to try their noodles. It's all about the buffet. Since during weekdays, their buffet starts at 9pm, we first stroll around Eastwood and make ourselves hungry so we could uhmm, you know, maximize that 199 bucks. lol. The place is not crowded that time and I believe it hasn't been crowded yet since it just opened last June so people are not yet aware of their existence. 

The interiors are so-so. Fit for a noodle bar.

Since it's not yet popular, we enjoyed the quietness of the place. 

The staffs are friendly and accommodating.

So here is what's included in the buffet. Since it's Mongolian buffet, you make your own choices. They have a wide variety of toppings. You can choose between rice, sotanghon, and bihon as your base then it's up to you which veggies, meat, and sauce you would like to add. If you don't have any idea how this works, just think of hongkong noodle style, only that this one has more variety, has more choices and you can make your own. You can have more mushroom if that's what you want or you can have more corn if you want to, you can ditch the green peas and bell peppers, no pressure. It's all your choice. And know what's even cooler? You can have as many servings as you want! Talk about a great find! More chicken? more beef? Have it your way!

They also have different kinds of sauce. Though I didn't tried all of it because I just stick to Oyster sauce the whole time. Lol. 

As for meat, they have chicken, beef, pork, and fish.

My first try. Consists of sotanghon, toge, chicken, beef, lots of onions, peanuts, oyster and korean sauce. Believe me, it tastes so good. It just doesn't look like it on this picture because I'm not good in taking photos you know!

Second bowl. Still a good combination for me. :) If you're not sure which tastes good together, do a random research first so you would know what to try. I didn't do my research and wish I had but I guess I'm just so good with food that this tasted so yummy. Lol. If you're not convinced then ask my boyfriend! =))

This is how it looked like after cooking.

Verdict for their Mongolian Buffet: 9.0

Will I go back? Definitely!

This is good for barkadas who wants to pig out. Just for 199 you get to stuff yourself with all the weird combinations you can think of. I haven't tried their noodles yet but I'm looking forward to it. Heard they're serving kare kare noodles! Hmm.. Should definitely try that. 

For more scrumptious pictures of their menu and for more info, you may visit their Facebook Page. :)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Little Tokyo Makati

Hola! Let's not talk about my long hiatus and how I've been telling I'll be a religious blogger but failed many times. This time, I won't promise anything, but rest assured, my blogging hormone is now back. Yey! 

This isn't a come back post but rather just a start of a better blog. lol

So yeah, after work last Sunday (Yes, I have work on Sundays. It sucks but I kinda accepted it already), I headed home as fast as I could so we can make it to the 6pm mass. And you know typical Filipinos, right after mass comes the Sunday family bonding, which for us that day was in Little Tokyo Makati. My mother saw this Japanese compound featured in KrisTv. Just like me, my mother wants to try something new most of the times so I'm kinda thankful she brought us there to see what's this Little Tokyo all about.

At first glance, nothing special yet. Looks a little Chinese to me rather than Japanese. lol but when you go inside, you'll remember those typical anime setting. For me, I could imagine the whole Uchiha clan living here before Itachi killed the whole clan. (I have that wild imagination. Sorry guys. Naruto fan since grade school)

Little Tokyo is in Chinos Roces Makati. Most of the restaurants found here are owned by Japanese people who have made Philippines their second home. It is a compound consisting of different restaurants ranging from sushis, ramen, teppanyakis, okonomiyaki just to name a few. For me, this is the most authentic I've tried yet. Well, I've eaten authentic Japanese food but this one is different, the experience is just so different. 

I cannot give a list of restaurants on where to eat and what to eat. Perhaps you could do a little research on what you would like to eat and see which restaurant offers that kind of food. For us during that night, we ate at Urameshiya Yakiniku. Just by the name itself, yakiniku, you would already know what it is. 

Upon entering inside, what caught my attention first is this pile of manga. I'm in awe. If you know me very well, you would know that I used to love mangas and anime, and that's what made me love japanese culture more. I got excited when I saw these!! I just wasn't able to scan it because I don't know if the owner lets their customers read this or it is just for pure display.

As for the menu, I had a hard time understanding what they are actually offering, the server just offered us set meal which I think is a good deal if you're about 3 to 4 people in a group. Also, if you want other japanese food which are not in the menu and by any chance other restaurants around the compound offers it, then they will be the one to order it for you. As for us, we're crazing Okonomiyaki but unfortunately Urameshiya isn't offering it so instead the server called the server of Kagura (the restaurant which offers Okonomiyaki) so we could order to them and at the same time dine in Urameshiya. It's a win-win situation! Ugh, the foodie inside me rejoices when I was able to experience both food. 

Fish cakes. Nomnomnomnomnom.

Okonomiyaki from Kagura. An order is good for 3 to 6 people. I didn't know that this is really big because my tito used to sell this and is only good for 1 person. This totally nailed it. Our cravings were satisfied.

As the name would suggest it, Yakiniku means bbq. So our menu set consists of different kinds of meat, a salad, and kimchi (Since this is Japanese cuisine I don't know why it includes kimchi).

Gyoza, from other resto as well.:)

I used to just see this kind of set up on TVs and on animes. Never knew this actually exists, in PH at least. this is sooo cool.

I highly recommend this place especially to those who are into Japanese food. Not only the food is authentic as well as the experience. There are a lot of Japanese people eating here wanting to get a taste of home. I would definitely go back. Price is not cheap but is reasonable. So the next time you plan your food trip, make it here. I promise you won't get disappointed. :)

There are a lot of japanese food choices and even those who are not into japanese food would enjoy! It's a must try. I feel like I found a hidden food treasure. Just imagine, it's in the heart of the metro and yet you get to enjoy these authentic Japanese food. I salute the people behind this concept.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Momarco Resort x First hurrah for Summer '14

Hola! Summer is nearing its end, have you spend time with Mr. Sun already? If not, it's not yet too late!! Anyway, we don't planned anything big for summer unlike those who're enjoying Boracay, Puerto Galera, you name it.. Maybe because it's the busy schedule of the grown ups. (grown ups talaga? hihi) If I remember correctly, the resort is situated at around Tanay area. For first timers, the place is hard to find especially that the route is very confusing. But once you see the place? It's definitely worth it. 

What makes this place different is it is not crowded unlike other resorts. Here, you can unwind and have quality time with your family. 

This is their main lobby. Since they also offer accommodation for overnight stay, they have their hotel rooms ready for guests. The place kinda looks sophisticated.

The greens and blues! The resort doesn't have many pool but it has a man made lagoon whom children mostly enjoys. It also has a mini zoo, and mini game room where guests can play table tennis and billiards. The resort also have a basketball court and if I remember correctly, it's for free as long as you notify the staffs. 

The resort has their "ihawan" ready for people who loves to make ihaw during outings. For us, we had tilapia and liempo. yum yum! :)))) Aside from the hotels, people who are only for day trips can rent their poolside huts which come in different sizes depending on how big your group is. 

And that's me.. nagpapacutee. heehe

Mini playground for children

The place is nice. And it's good for photoshoots as well because it is very nature -ish. They also have a bike park. And for those who just want to cherish the nature, they have a view deck where the whole resort is seen. For more information, and if you're interesting in having your next outing here, you can check their website here. You can check their website for the rates so you would know how you can handle your budget wisely.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Perks of Being a Graduate and Having your first Job

Well, what can I say? I'm still in awe and probably not yet ready for my first real job. It just happened so fast. One day, I'm in school doing all the requirements, being busy with deadlines, cramming for our thesis, documenting our SAD and SE projects, then one day I'm shaking hands with the dean and being applauded on stage. I must say, my college life wasn't easy, and who among you had it easy? I'm sure no one would even dare say they had it easy in college. The feeling? Mixed emotions. I mean just minutes before my name was being called, I'm not yet thrilled, I didn't even felt excited! Was it just me? All I'm thinking about that time is "whooaaaa, graduate na ako today. And so what?" But just when our department head called my name and I was in the middle of the stage shaking hands with the dean, the asst. dean, my professors, and my terror professors, Oh my.. I just can't help but smile. 16 years in school. 16 years of hard work all for that diploma.. all for that degree.

And that was fast. It took 4-5 long hours before my name was called.

Just weeks before graduation, my friends are so busy making their resume and finding their first ever job. While me, I was pressured at that time. I didn't want to work yet, I want to rest first, I want to have a vacation, but I don't the gold, I'm not excited about graduation, but I'm afraid of what lies ahead of me after I graduate. I have my dream company on mind and I badly really want to pass their exams and of course, got accepted but it's not what had happened. Graduation season means job fairs for employers. I took advantage and submit my resume to every company that I know would accept me. So there is this one company that had their exams at school and without expecting anything from it.. I passed.. And fast forward, this is where I work now. This is not my dream company but who knows? It's my first job anyway.. I have all my life.

And yes, I wans't able to rest that long, I didn't have a vacation and just 3 weeks after graduation, I had my first day at work. The perks? For starters, of course you'll have your own salary, which means more budgeting on your side. Except of course when your parents still gives you allowance even after you had your first salary. You can buy that stuff you've been eyeing all your college life. You have lunch outs with so many colleagues, and you just know that you're a grown up human. But that's just it! It all boils down to your salary alone. Since you have your salary, you can buy this and that, you can go here and there. But what's the catch? You have to say goodbye to your night person self, you have to commute with all the people going to their respective offices with matching tulakan, init ng araw, and unahan sa sakayan. Not mentioning those people riding lrts and mrt's. After successfully going to your office without being late, you start working 9 hours each day, but for me.. it's 10 hours per day. Right now, I'm not yet doing anything crucial. I just sit all day and wait for the time to pass.. and it's hard. It's better to cram than to do nothing you know? I can even prove you that I'm typing this blog post in my email.. and guess where? In our office.

Aside from that, you won't have discounts anymore with public vehicles unlike when you were a student. You won't experience suspensions when it's raining so bad. You have to go to work no matter what! And having your work here in Manila is making it worse.. you have floods everywhere, there's traffic here and there. Public transpo sometimes are not enough to accommodate all the commuters. And it gets worse everytime.

And now I understand how easy was my life 4 months ago, when being a student is all I need to do. When studying is all I need to do. This blog post shouldv'e not even entitled "The Perks of Being a Graduate and Having your first Job" because all I really did was just rant how having your first job sucks. But anyways.. maybe I'm just writing it now because I'm not yet experiencing real life and real industry deadlines or I'm not deployed to a project yet so I'm not yet sure if I'll enjoy it or not. And besides it's just a month and half since I started working. Hopefully better things are yet to come. After all, we all just have to be contented and happy because not all are successful in their job hunting. Some graduates are still unemployed, and some are only receiving below the minimum wage. We just have to feel blessed. But really, it's a very big change. Especially when I see students commuting. Student life is just the start yet. And graduating doesn't mean your ready for what's out there. But since you're thrown out there not yet fully equipped, might as well use the weapons you gathered during your student days. And if there's one thing I most certainly regret is I didn't explore other opportunities before signing my contract in my current company. I mean don't get me wrong, I have this wonderful office, the pay is good, the benefits are good but I shouldv'e explored other opportunities and weigh in which company will I grow as a person and as well as my career.

So for those graduating students this year, make your last year count, make it memorable and enjoyable because after school, and when you start to work, you'll know that it ain't easy. It's a whole lot different from school. And once you start looking for a job make sure that you apply for a job post that you're really interested in doing. Money matters but being happy with what you do is the most important thing in looking for your dream job.. and dream company. You just have to be patient. :)

Sunday, May 4, 2014

December Baguio Trip

Hola!! I know, I know.. I'm such a drop dead lazy bloggah. And no, I'm not that busy but some things are occupying my mind and well.. I'm not in the mood to blog. So posts are getting piled up but I'll try to update the soonest as I can. For now, let me narrate our Baguio December 2013 trip (super  late like it's so 3 months ago. -___-) I know everyone's going gaga about summer and their summer vacay  (Laboracay.. ahem ahem. hehehe who's enjoying the white sand now?) and mind you I also have my summer post lined up just not laboracay of course. :)))) I don't want to skip into that without having my our December vacay trip first. My blog is just soooo outdated about the happenings in my life. Oh well. 

So yes, if last year we went to Sagada (Check it herehere, and here) for our year ender trip and stop by at Baguio for just a short souvenir shopping, this year we really intended to spend our December in Baguio. I must say, my mother is really a fan of cold weathers during December. Unlike  most of the tourists going to Baguio who drives their own cars to get there, we, just commuted and always rode a bus going to Baguio. For the record, I lost count on how many times did I already went there.. whether it's December or Summer, Baguio is surely in my mother's list for vacation go to places. If I remember it correctly, our trip schedule is 11pm of December 27th so we could arrive there early in the morning to enjoy the cold breeze. 

And guess what our eyes saw after the long drive?

It was all foggy and cold. I remember when I was still a child here in Baguio, I was so amaze on how a fog comes out of my mouth whenever I speak, feels like I'm in a foreign land like Korea or Japan. We arrived in Baguio before 6am and our check in time is still 2pm so yeah.. we have no room yet but we left our baggage in the hotel so we could start our touristy vacation. 

Whenever we're in Baguio, we always stay in Hotel Veniz because the hotel is near to every place a tourist shall visit whenever they're in Baguio. The rooms are very nice.. hot shower water, clean surroundings, the staffs are very accommodating and friendly..

This is their lobby. Just across the hotel is Burnham Park and if you wanna go to the market or find a dining place in session road, this hotel suits you very well because it's just walking distance to like.. everywhere. You can see the Christmas tree up there because apparently it was December that time. Lol 

Upon going to the hotel to leave our bags, we also decided to have our breakfast in their cafe. Cafe Veniz for me, is not something fancy. I'm not satisfied with their menu and of course just like other hotels, their food is kinda expensive. 

I had french toast with bacon.

Before I continue, let me just remind that this vacation is just good for 2 days and 1 night. Why? Well because we had nowhere to go. :O Like we already visited every tourist spot and every place we can. Although we visited this one place called Tam-Awan village and it's our first time there, and that's for separate post because it's kinda deserve a new post. hehehe.

So anyway, after having breakfast we walked around Burnham Park to get some sunshine and just like what we do there everytime we visit.. biking! 

Excuse my face LOL

Our mandatory Burnham Park picture. Hehehehe. Love that Transformers Shirt. :)

Forgive me if I can't narrate it well. :)
 After some biking session and a massage session for my mother, we decided to go to the Lourdes Grotto which is famous for it's hundred steps. Souvenirs are also lined up and for those who are not capable of taking the stairs, you can ride a cab or drive your car way up.

Right after the grotto, we went to Pink Sister's Convent. Nothing much is special around this convent only that the nuns are wearing pink nun clothes. The church also is very strict inside and is really quiet. They're really maintaining a harmonious holy ground.

Before heading back to the hotel, we also ate our lunch in Burnham Park. Which is also somehow pricey relative to the serving we had.

Of course who would forget about pasalubongs and all? The one and only place is Good Shepherd for authentic and delicious ube jams and lengua de gato. They have various products and I must say, all that I have tried yet are tasty and worth your money.

Dinner in Don Henrico's Session Road.

Uyyyy.. sino katext? Hehehehe

This is how we end day 1. Just a stroll in the park, just enjoying the cold weather. We didn't even bothered visiting other places such as the Botanical Garden, Wright Park, Mine's View Park, Strawberry Farm. We're not into that anymore. Although of course for first timers, I recommend you visit those places. :) 

On our second day, we went to Tam-Awan village which will be later posted as another post. Hehe. It's our first time there and the place is not famous unlike other Baguio Tourist place. And although the place is not that famous, it's somehow a very good place to go since it's very refreshing in the eye as well as you would learn many things about the igorot. We also went to see how weaving was done.

Fast forward, after Tam-Awan village, it's like a tradition to my mother to go the public market to shop for some fresh veggies and fruits because it is way cheaper here. Everything's a bargain. My mother also makes sure she buy a new sweater every time she went here.

This place is not as crowded as it is before.

This vacation may not be long or not really into seeing new things but it is what we needed that time. To at least breathe fresh air outside Manila. And also, who wouldn't like to experience the Baguio kind of weather. If I could just bring home the cold breeze. It will be like free aircon everywhere. :')

Please do wait for my Tam-Awan post as it is also connected to this one. Also, I'm very sorry for being a  lazy blogger and not posting on time. Please do bear with me as I am adjusting to my new lifestyle now. I'm adjusting to my first ever job so once again, I might not be very active but I'll try to update the soonest I can. I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer. Have fun under sun! :D

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