Monday, February 3, 2014

Tamagoya Noodle House

So far, how is 2014 for you guys? Well, for me.. nothing fancy yet. Although at most times I am thinking and daydreaming about my future or to be exact, what lies ahead of me after graduation because just by thinking about it makes me scared.. but that's for another post I guess because if I continue, this post will be something else. For now, let me share with you my ramen experience at Tamagoya Noodle House. 

This place again is something my boyfriend wanted us to try, although he already ate here once, he wanted to share the experience so we went here to eat dinner after our Sunday mass. Aside from the fact that I love animes, Tokyo (even though I haven't been there YET), and that I'm not an avid fan of sushis, my love for Ramen isn't something as high as other Japanese food. And to be honest, I only sometimes eat ramen because my fave anime Naruto features this specific Ichiraku Ramen where of course, cannot be eaten in real life because it's only in that show. If you would take me to a restaurant, I would most likely order a rice meal even if there are other menus. But that depends also on what type of restaurant we are eating at. 

So this certain Tamagoya Noodle House is located at #2 Soliven Avenue, Mayamot, 1803 Antipolo Rizal. I can't describe how we got there because even myself doesn't know. I just relied on my boyfriend's knowledge on how to get there. 

It was Sunday and going there for dinner is already planned earlier that day so we really pushed it through even there are nearer restos around the church, especially that SM Masinag is just around the vicinity. At first glance, even though we're 50 steps away, we could already see the people waiting to be served. And we're like (or is it only me?) WTF, are we going to push this through because there are so many people waiting to be seated. But of course, we're already there. And so at that fact alone, I knew "Ay blockbuster pala 'to!" You will already get a hint that this place offers something different that's why people are patiently waiting just to eat what they are serving. I can also hear people conversing in the Japanese language. And other people talking about grabbing pictures.. another blogger probably?

It didn't took us long to be seated. Maybe 15 to 20 mins? People are constantly going in and out of the place so more customers are being entertained.

The place looks so Japanese. From wooden sliding doors to their tables.

The place is small but it has 2 floors. I just wasn't able to take photos of the 2nd floor because we were seated at the ground floor. Upon my research, the 2nd floor is somehow more attractive and has more seating capacity.

The menu book isn't fancy but it's the food that matters right? :)

Their bestsellers are Stamina Ramen which has a spicy base soup and Gomoku Ramen which has mixed vegetables and seafood.

Yaki Gyoza 6pcs. P98. Pan fried japanese dumplings. They also serve fried gyoza. Well cooked and you can really taste the meat inside. The sauce is also a perfect match for the dumpling.

Gomoku Ramen P178. One of their bestsellers. I wanted to try their Stamina Ramen but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to tolerate the spiciness. I'm not into spicy food but just for the sake of experience of course. This ramen is somehow different from the others because of its rich thick sauce. The noodles are plain but still you can taste the flavor. It's mixed with different vegetables, mushrooms, seafood, and pork.

Katsu Don P148. Nothing fancy too. Served with Japanese rice.

The servings are worth the price and very generous. I can't even finish my bowl of ramen. I just wish they maximize more of what they can serve. They could probably add sushis to spice up their menus. Or even japanese drinks. 

Overall verdict: It's highly recommended for Ramen lovers out there. Authentic and somehow there's a Japanese vibe. They're even playing Japanese songs in the background! :D

Additional info: They're close every Mondays. Open from 11am-2pm and 5pm-9pm.

So for Ramen lovers, this place is a must try! :)

PS. I suck as a blogger, and even much more as a food blogger. Do I? -___-

Thursday, January 2, 2014

IG Diaries: December 2013

Holla! I would like to make my 1st 2014 blog post as a new segment on my blog called IG Diaries.. wherein well.. I guess you know already.. will post my instagram photos for a certain month. And yeah, I'll start with December 2013 since I've been active on instagram last December. Lol how funny is that I'm using the word "last" before December as if it was months ago when in fact it was just 2 days ago. Lol. Anyway.. I hope you guys had an awesome Christmas and New year's eve. As for me, same old same. :)

So, these pictures are what made up my December. We'll do this from left to right, then the 2nd row from left to right.. and so on.

Top Left most column 1, row 1: A picture with my sister going to the mall to do some christmas shopping. I wasn't sure though if it was taken last December or last week of November. Lol.

Column 2, row 1: UST Christmas Decoration for Paskuhan 2013. The stars are scattered around both fountains beside the arch of the centuries. It was really nice seeing it that time.. as if the Christmas spirit is surrounding me. (What?)

Column 3, row 1: My obligatory selfie after chopping off my bangs and therefore making it full bangs.

Column 4, row 1: Kenny Roger's for dinner. Dinner date with boyfie at Robinson's Magnolia. He was trying to find me a gift for my birthday but we ended up eating since I can't find anything I want.

Column 1, row 2: UST's Christmas tree. Because Boyfriend and I are competing whose phone camera is better. And I ended up winning. ;)

Column 2, row 2: Me, Atheena, and Ton at Starbucks' Robinson's Manila. 1st time hanging out again with Ton in a long time because she just went back from Singapore as an exchange student.

Column 3, row 2: My selfie again using Ian's phone.

Column 4, row 2: Selfie with boyfriend before going to Space Superclub to attend out block's Christmas party sponsored by our thesis adviser.

Column 1, row 3: Forever 21 gift cards. Given to me as a Christmas present.

Column 2, row 3: A throwback from Paskuhan 2012.

Column 3, row 3: Angus Beef noodle? Can't remember the exact name but it was from Next door noodles by North Park.

Column 4, row 3: French toast and bacon for breakfast upon our arrival in Baguio.

Column 1, row 4: I like the quote written on it. Hehe. The block is beside the statue of a saint in Pink Sister's Convent in Baguio. I will write more about our Baguio Trip the soonest I can.

Column 2, row 4: Another selfie because the weather's oh so coooool.

Column 3, row 4: Instaweather showing Baguio's weather for the day.

Column 4, row 4: My last selfie for 2013. More to come on 2014. Mehehehhe.

Whooooa. That's a long list up there. Well, December has been good to me. It really is one of the best time of the year. :)

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 with a Bang!!

In less than 24 hours, we'll be saying our farewell to 2013 and will welcome 2014 with gratitude and positivity. 

To be honest, 2013 isn't like 2012 for me wherein I was so lucky all year round. I have my fair share of sadness, depression, anger, negativity as well as happiness, thankfulness, gratitude, and joy. It was a like a roller coaster ride because at some days I'm happy and at some days I feel like it was the most horrible day I've had. But don't get me wrong, I don't hate 2013. Because even there are many more hard times, there are many things I am thankful for that happened within 2013.

As I was reading my last year's blog entry about new year, I came across with my horoscope and now that the year has ended, I couldn't agree more. It was oh so true! That this year is hard because of our thesis, SE, and OJT. I'm also somehow lucky in finances, and more importantly I found my other half through out the year! It's been a good year after all. :)

It wasn't perfect but at least I get to do all my new year's resolution too! To make myself stronger, better.. To save up and to budget wisely. To study harder.. Make better decisions. As we all know.. I'm not good in decision making that's why I'm practicing my skills even more. This yet is still in progress though. I also did try again my luck in love which is now one of the best decisions I've made. Although one thing that wasn't fulfilled was again my attempt to go on a diet and be fit because instead of losing weight.. I gained!! So again, it's still in progress. 

But fairly enough, 2013 also taught more life lessons. And even made me stronger by living independently. I also got to travel, not overseas but locally which is a good thing because it's better to know your country first before emerging in other cultures. 

My new year's resolution??

1. To be a better person. There's always a room for improvement.
2. To work for a notable company and get my dream job.
3. To save and save and save. and budget wisely.
4. Do good in my work.
5. Do not dwell too much in my emotions.
7. Travel.
8. Try new things.
9. Blog more often
10. Be happy, live life to the fullest. <3

It's not yet too late to start over. Remember that new year is a chance given once a year to renew, reinvent, and make ourselves better than what we are yesterday. It's a transition of new beginnings. Sometimes, I am scared of what could be in store for me after I graduate. I don't know what will happen in 2014 because there will be a big change that will happen in my life soon.. and it's an opportunity to put into action all my hard work for the past 16 years of my life. 

Let's just all hope for the best. 2014, I am ready to conquer you!! 

"Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right."

- Oprah Winfrey

Monday, December 23, 2013

Chubby Chicken - Katipunan

As a pure blooded Tiger, I am not familiar with the culture of Ateneans, and that includes their dining preferences, and where they mostly eat and dine in. Ateneo used to be my dream school but now I already realize how lucky I am to be a Thomasian. But that's not the point of this post. Lol. As I was saying, I'm not familiar with Katipunan, the restaurants, and hang out spots it has to offer. I only know that there's Mcdo, KFC, and Zark's Burger where we usually eat at when we're in Katipunan. But I got tired of eating burger's and bacons so I asked my date if we could eat in Chubby Chicken instead because I want to try their infamous chicken which when I google searched, some bloggers rate it better than BonChon's Chicken. Also, my date said he likes it and and for a change naman sa Zark's.

Chubby Chicken's Facebook page say's that it is located in 1B Xavierville Residences Esteban Abada cor. Alvero Loyola Heights Katipunan QC. As a mode of transportation, my date and I usually ride jeepneys along Marcos Highway going to Cubao and we'll take off at Petron Katipunan. From there, we'll ride a trike going to our preferred date place. And tonight, it was Chubby Chicken, where in at first glance the place is  almost empty probably because it's weekend and people are finishing their Christmas shopping. 

The place is not big but just enough for business that's just starting to make a name. Upon looking, I know right there and then that this place is famous around the area and students are mostly the customers since it has a big cork board wherein notes and pictures are posted, just like the ones I see around some of UST's nearby kainan and tambayan. There are doodles scattered, love notes, phone numbers, pictures, and other handwritten crush notes.

The place has also been featured in some magazines. You can check out Spot.ph's review about Chubby Chicken here. For starters, I think the price are reasonable and affordable especially when you're looking for something that's somehow close to home-style cooking. The prices are student-friendly, no wonder this place has been travelling its way to many people through word of the mouth. 

More notes and post-its.

Chicken Strips - Which costs 130 pesos. The serving is generous compared to BonChon's. Partnered with their garlic sauce which somehow I think is not complementing the taste of the chicken. Also, upon ordering, the staff will ask if you want it sweet or spicy. I haven't tried their spicy yet because both me and date chose sweet. The rice is also more generous than of BonChon's.

Chubby Chicken - which I think is their best seller. Partnered also with their garlic white sauce. One piece chicken with rice costs 80 pesos while their one piece chicken with fries costs 92 pesos. Their two piece chicken with rice costs you 120 pesos while their two piece chicken with fries costs 135 pesos. What can I say? These chicken are oh so budget friendly! And tastes even better than some of the chickens I've tried.

They offer different varieties of drink ranging from regular iced tea, that costs 30 pesos and their bottomless costs 45 pesos, to local and imported sodas.

Cheese Fries - that looks a lot like salsa than cheese. Reminds me of Mcdo fries only that it has tomatoes, onion, and cheese, mayonnaise, and parsley on top. Nothing fancy though it's also a good starter. They also have Cajun and Gravy fries but I haven't tried it yet. 

They also offer pastas. I badly wanted to try their chubby oreos but I haven't because we might not finish our food. The serving of the fries is also very generous. Their for sharing can accommodate 2 to 4 persons. 

For my first time, I think the food is nice, budget, and student friendly. And btw, if I am not mistaken they only have 2 branches, in Katipunan and Fairview. I liked their menu and would definitely go back since others say that their Chicken Parmigiana is a must try. Also, I want to explore more the food finds around Katipunan. I have always wanted try different varieties of food since it will trace you back to its roots and where it came from. More foodventure. Hoping. Meehehe.

Chubby chicken is nothing fancy but it caters to the students which I think is their main target market since they're near Ateneo. All in all if I were to rate it, I'd give it an 8 for generous servings, nice tambayan place, and for being budget friendly.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

2013 Christmas Wish List

It's really funny how time flies so fast and how I just realized I wasn't into my casual self the past months. This year is almost coming to an end but it's only this past month that I had snapped back to my usual self. And sorry readers for that because I know it's one of the reasons why I have been so inactive for this whole year of 2013. But let's not get into that. I have many posts coming up so yeah, I hope it makes up for the times I've been away from blogging.

Moving on.. let me introduce to you my 2013 Christmas Wish List! As I was reading my 2011 and 2012 wish list, I knew right there and then that this year, my wish list be all so different. I've changed some of my preferences but still, I'm still the super introvert me. I can't believe that it's already December. I haven't done my Christmas shopping yet because I'm broke as of the moment. Christmas is actually one of my most favorite holidays, feels like everything's going so good, everyone is so kind and giving, and jolly, and enthusiastic. And of course, Christmas parties everywhere, exchange gifts here and there. Though, it's kinda "magastos", it's not necessary that we give expensive gifts, as the old saying goes.. "it's the thought that counts".. So for those who are wondering what's on my wish list this year.. ladies and gents.. I give you the list:

1. iPad 4.

If last year and last, last year, I wished for iphone 4s and iphone 5, this time it's not iphone 5s or 5c but ipad 4. Weeks ago, I'm looking forward to recontract with globe and avail their iphone forever plan wherein I will switch my iphone 4s for an iphone 5c, but I'm not the one paying my bills and I decided that I will recontract after I have a stable and decent job which I hopefully want to achieve this upcoming 2014 after I graduate. I want the phone to be part of my hard work.. And instead of the phone, ipad 4 na lang. Hehehe. As if namang may magreregalo, right? :)

2. Forever 21 Gift Cards
And who wouldn't love to receive this??!!! Actually this isn't part of my list but my ever so loving boyfriend suggested and asked if he could just give me one of these on Christmas. At first I was hesitant but after some time, I realized it's a great deal. I couldn't be any more excited about this!! After some massive research, I found out that this was just launched later this year.. and I am so lucky my boyfriend thought of asking me about this. Happy girl here. :D

3. Tricia Gosingtian's 150 Style Essentials for Every Girl
I'm absolutelyyyyy a fan of hers! And any of my twitter followers would know where my 'ayawillgoplaces' username came from. She's one of the reasons why I tried blogging (only that mine's not a fashion blog) and write on the world wide web because I like how she express herself through blogging and through the clothes she wears. Her travel entries also makes me jealous that my japan travel fantasy should be pushed through the soonest as possible.

4. The Bro Code or The Play book by Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother. 

I'm such a fan of HIMYM. During those times I'm not so busy, all I do is watch and find clues about the mother. I love how it gives life and love lessons, real life scenarios that will be so much helpful. I want to see what's really inside the Bro Code since it's the infamous book Barney always incorporate with his bros Ted and Marshall. Also, the playbook. I want to know if it will really work. :))

5. A gift card to any salon where I can dye my hair ligher!! I always want to fasten the growth of my hair so that I could style and dye it the way I want. But since I am oh so broke, anyone can treat me to a hair dye session to any salon? Pretty please? :)

6. The girly stuff. You know 'em. :) Uhm.. nail polish, accessories, MAKE-UP, skin care prods. :)

7. Nothing more but prayers and help to the Yolanda survivors. I'm not the kindest or nicest person on earth but I know, through all the suffering and pain the survivors are going through, they deserve to have a merry Christmas. I wish they can go back to their respective everyday life faster and that the city that were damaged be recovered faster. It's really heart breaking how these people are trying to live despite the fact that they have lost everything they have. They were indeed very strong. More prayers to the Yolanda survivors. 

Christmas, the time of sharing and giving, and reuniting to our loved ones. Let just all remember that the true essence of Christmas is not the material things we give and receive, nor the snow, or even Santa. It's all about celebrating the birthday of our Savior and Almighty father none other than Jesus Christ. 

So how about you? Have you thought of your Christmas Wish list already? It's not yet late to start and write one. Go now and tell everyone what you want to receive this Christmas! Happy holidays, everyone! :D

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